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Founded in 2010, Fincredit Inc. is a business solutions company focusing on merchant services and marketing.

In late 2010, our company started the development of the Property Tax Reward ProgramTM  (PTRP). Under the PTRP, homeowners shopping at local participating merchants, receive rebates on sales and services in the form of property tax credits. The more homeowners shop in their town, the more property tax credits they accumulate.

Early on, our company realized that the road to developing an effective property tax reward program for the benefit of the individual resident and the business owner alike, could not be achieved without the involvement, in a leadership capacity, of local townships and their economic development entities.

For years townships have been advocating for local spending. The benefits of a thriving local economy go well beyond the obvious reasons. Lower vacancies, higher ratables, new jobs, lower property taxes are just a few reasons for shopping in town. It soon became clear to us that what prevented townships from developing a strong Shop Local program was lack of attractive incentives to town residents.

The challenge was to create a special business reward program that would be a true asset to the local business community and, at the same time, provide a strong motivation for residents to shop in town. For us, there was only one solution. Property tax credits earned on purchases of goods and services from local merchants was the best way to create an ongoing, vialble Shop Local economic program. 

The response of homeowners looking for ways to lower their out-of-pocket expense of property taxes has been overwhelming. Add to this, the need of local merchants to increase their business volume and of townships to keep existing businesses from leaving while attracting new business initiatives.

For us, combining existing and proprietary, patent-pending, software was the winning formula for creating a sound infrastructure for townships to build and launch their property tax reward program.

This is a true ‘win-win’ solution for town residents, local businesses and townships. By using a township-issued property tax card, residents enjoy a direct relief on their property tax bill; the business enjoys a higher local awareness/revenues, and the township benefits from lower vacancies, more local jobs and happier residents.

What do people say about our program:

Town Officials:

"I am very pleased with the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Program.  Our residents and our  business community alike have been very positive in their assessments of the program, and the participation has been even higher than expected.  FinCredit has been a fantastic partner to Marlboro Township.  Their dedication to the program and high level of professionalism is a key reason why we have been so successful."    

Marlboro NJ Mayor Jon Hornik

Business Owners:

"Here at HEALTHY THYMES MARKET we have had 1281 transactions since the inception of the SHOP VERNON program. We are seeing that customers using the Shop Vernon card visit more often and have higher per-visit purchases". Dab Segal Healthy Thymes, Vernon

"The program is a win/win for our customer and our restaurant, and FinCredit has made this all possible through its attention to details and outstanding administration."  Ralph Marinello - Stewarts, Marlboro


"Very excited. Requested and received assistance in registering. Then used my card and in addition to my receipt, I received an email notifying me of the tax credit! Fabulous Service, could not be happier!!" Isabel Cohen Jacob